The Journey of Dedication:
From Service to Others to Building a Legacy

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The Foundation of Service to Others: A Shared Core Value

The roots of Aspyre Wellness lie in a profound commitment to Service to Others—a core value Althea Olson, LCSW, and her husband, Mike Wasilewski, LCSW, Clinical Director, have shared for over 30 years. For them, careers are not about personal gain but about lifting others up.

Aspyre Wellness: A Purpose-Driven Psychotherapy Practice

Established in 2020, Aspyre Wellness is more than a psychotherapy practice; it’s a haven aligned with values of dignity, respect, and integrity. The focus is on healing and recovery, addressing specific life circumstances or lifelong wounds. While being in the trenches with clients is fulfilling, Althea and Mike felt a calling to give back to a profession that has enriched their lives.

Paying it Forward: A Journey of Growth and Mentorship

Their journey began in 1990, working with behaviorally disordered teenagers in a challenging environment. Despite the difficulties, the experience was about making a difference. Low pay was compensated with mentorship, training, and opportunities for growth. This background led them to pursue master’s degrees in clinical social work, solidifying their foundation.

We were accepted into the Aurora MSW program at a time when there were more applicants than spots available as there were only several hundred admitted. Today there are over 2,000 students. One of the benefits of being in a small program is we developed close relationships with our instructors, which allowed us to continue our learning outside of the classroom. As a result, we graduated from the program feeling confident in the skills we obtained because we were able to dig deep into theory and how to apply theory into practice.

We were also fortunate to land top-notch field placements. During this process we had clinical supervisors who went beyond the call of call of duty to make sure we had a valuable learning experience as they had loyalty and pride in the profession to only endorse the most qualified students for graduation.

Mike & I share this value as well, so we developed a clinical field placement for those students’ seeking excellence in developing a strong, solid foundation for their future as a clinical psychotherapist. We work hard for our students to hold true to our value of raising the standard of the profession. It is a way for us to honor those who gave to us by investing in the next generation of clinicians.

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Creating Excellence Through Education: The Aspyre Wellness Teaching Model

A Commitment to Excellence:

The Aspyre Wellness Teaching Model embodies Mike and Althea’s lifelong pursuit of excellence. Students are carefully selected for their demonstrated work ethic and hunger for learning, ensuring a commitment beyond industry standards.

Ongoing Supervision and Open-Door Policy:

True learning thrives on relationships. Aspyre Wellness provides continuous supervision beyond the norm, maintaining an open-door policy. Trust is crucial, encouraging students to view weaknesses as opportunities for growth.

Investing in Students:

Financial investment sets Aspyre Wellness apart. Students receive the same tools as established clinicians, and earnings from client sessions are reinvested into their training and resources, ensuring financial viability.

Staying Current:

Professional trainings by the Masters in our field is bought and supplied to our pre-licensed clinicians so they become and remain current in the latest theory, research, and breakthroughs in therapy. Graduate programs have a lot to do in teaching their students but often do not have the time to go beyond the vast theoretical components that provide the foundation of practice; we make sure to cover the gap.

Real-Time Learning Through Observation:

Observing sessions with client consent allows students to witness the art of therapy in action, learning nuances that transcend book knowledge. Debriefing with Mike and Althea enhances the learning experience.

Giving Back to the Community: A Commitment Beyond Practice

Affordable Services and Community Involvement:

As a Dedicated Teaching Practice, Aspyre Wellness offers self-pay rates and sliding scale fees, making healthcare accessible. We are in the process of becoming credentialed with Medicaid thus providing students with learning opportunities while serving the community. Our interns are also encouraged to become involved in the local community.

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Building a Strong Future: A Commitment to Mentorship

Investing in Future Leaders:

As mentors, Mike and Althea aspire to see their students become future leaders in the profession. Rigorous state licensure processes are complemented by ongoing supervision, mentorship, and leadership building opportunities.

Client Feedback:

Clients of our students have conveyed their gratitude for the accessibility of Mike and Althea beyond the scheduled sessions with their assigned clinician. Essentially, working with our students provides them with the expertise of three clinicians. This is made possible by having the student serve as the primary clinician while being supervised by two seasoned psychotherapists, which offers over 60 years of combined experience.

Intrinsic Benefits of Dedication: Energy, Excitement, and Growth

Renewed Purpose:

Being a Dedicated Teaching Practice has revitalized Mike and Althea, providing a newfound energy and excitement in this stage of their lives.

Continuous Growth:

The role of teachers requires constant growth. By investing in others, Mike and Althea stay sharp, current, and relevant, enriching not only Aspyre Wellness but also their personal and professional lives.

A Grateful Commitment:

As dedicated educators, Mike and Althea express gratitude for the opportunity to serve the profession. Their hope is to continue contributing and doing it proud, leaving a lasting legacy in the field of psychotherapy.

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Aspyre Offers Both In-Person and Telehealth Sessions

Our in-person counseling visits are held at 24047 W Lockport St, Plainfield, Illinois. However, if you would prefer to take advantage of our telehealth counseling sessions, we offer a secure, HIPPA compliant environment. Your privacy is our priority.

Video Sessions allow more freedom to schedule

There are several advantages to telehealth counseling sessions.

Resistance to counseling. If you or your family member is uncomfortable speaking to someone in person, or if the idea of counseling is still foreign, telehealth is a great option. It allows for clients to remain in a familiar environment while still receiving the emotional and psychological support they need.

Illness or disability. For some clients, leaving the house may not be easy or possible. Telehealth brings counseling to those clients, making it possible for them to receive the care they need right where they are.

Schedules and other impediments. For single and stay-at-home parents, work-from-home parents, and other clients with difficult schedules, telehealth counseling sessions offer a seamless transition between life’s obligations and necessary self-care.

Understanding Environments and Dynamics

Telehealth counseling sessions also provide a window into a client’s environment and helps us to see what you may not see going on around you that is impacting your well-being.

Telehealth Counseling